Normal services will resume…

Normal services will resume…  when the dissociative gets her act together.

I thank you all for your messages of support and understanding to my earlier entry.  I’ve removed it on the advice of a friend.  I’m being challenged to look at the situation in a different way and try to change my ways of coping.

This healing thing is a huge scary beast sometimes!


14 thoughts on “Normal services will resume…

    • Thank you so much for the help and advice Paul… You know very well I wouldn’t have done it without your prodding.

    • No they don’t know, and I sometimes forget that. I realised that I didn’t tell Liz so many things that should have influenced today’s session… I set her up for failure in many ways, now I have to see if I can move through that.

      Take care,

  1. Mornin’. I just saw your earlier post in my e-mail. Healing is a a huge, omnivorous, cannibalistic, scary beast. I hope you can feed it and feel better soon.

    I’m using my mighty telepathic powers to send you groovy vibes. Take care of yourself.


    • Thanks Lisa 🙂

      Yes, the beast was in full flight today… Now I have to see what I can salvage from the wreckage!

      Take care,

  2. In my RSS feed reader even the erased posts are intact… comments, too, so today I read your recent posts… and I can agree with the comment by Ones:

    “I don’t blame Liz, I’m a difficult client. I’m just a little shocked by it all.”

    Well I am shocked too.
    And excuse me, I doubt you are any more difficult than many DD clients. We just are not easy clients by definition.
    My T has openly said she gets frustrated with me…often! Better that she honestly tell me, cuz I can tell by her voice ANYways.
    DD clients can have SO much going on, and totally polar opposites, or worse, just different but not necc obvo diff.
    It is long term SLOW work. There’s all the crazy attachment stuff thrown in.
    Lack of ability to trust.
    To speak.
    LOL, last session I said to my T that she needs to bring her laptop in, and I’ll bring mine, and we can email each other, or at least I will email her! Cuz I can type, but not speak. When I speak I get yelled at internally, but for some odd reason typing is ok.
    So mostly I communicate stuff by email, tho I do speak more now than I used to.
    T said if they had wireless in her office she WOULD bring in her laptop!!!
    My T has told me she DOESN’T always know what to do/say to me. She tries her hardest and thats good enuf for me.
    I wonder if you might try interacting on some safe message boards to talk about stuff some, to help w/your therapy. My T is quite happy that I do. Sometimes I give her threads to read.
    It helps me.
    Protectors will do the craziest things just to avoid.
    Parts will pannick and get ’s’.
    Kids holler.
    etc etc
    But then there are calmer times too.
    And I actually like some of my parts, I am GLAD I have them.
    It DOES get easier. Least it has for me.
    I think you have alot to offer.
    Thanks for all you have shared cuz you sure have helped me w/some of your stuff you’ve created.

    • It seems like I am a pretty difficult case, or Liz was not the right therapist for me as it all went downhill again when I saw her yesterday. I’m now trying to keep busy and contact the Crisis Team…

      Take care my friend,

    • Thanks Kerro, I’m trying to stay optomistic, but it looks like I was correct in my assessment of what happened yesterday after all… I’ve been in contact with Liz today and it appears as if it did turn pear shape like I thought. I’m now waiting to hear back from her again.

      Take care,

  3. Healing is scary! That’s why Therapist always confronts us when we avoid those scary topics.

    I am so, so, so glad to see you posting again and I truly hope things are on the upswing from you. This blogging community of support would be lost without you.

    Take care and stay strong.

    • Thank you Missing In Sight…

      I hope you read those words for yourself too… It’s good to see you blogging again, I know it’s painful for you and what you’re talking about is the really hard stuff… We’re here listening.

      Take care,

  4. I’m glad to “see” you tonight.
    Yeah, it’s hard, and scary. You are stronger than you think. You can do this!
    And you have so many to support you!
    Take care of you!

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