Small acts of kindness…

It’s often been said that small acts of kindness mean so much. I don’t know where the quote comes from, but it’s truth is re-enforced daily.

Today I saw Liz for the last time, the “rupture” during therapy on Monday couldn’t be worked through to a point where we felt we could continue seeing her. I’m seeing the Mental Health Crisis Team psychiatrist on Friday to see what can be done to help me through the public health system.  Because of all of this, I was feeling pretty low.  As a distraction, M thought she’d check our work emails. Right at the top, was one from a lecturer we had done some information literacy teaching for last week.  We were expecting it to be some criticism, as it felt like such a bad session… this is what he wrote…


Thanks a lot for teaching my class the other day. I was very impressed by the amount of care that had gone into your presentation


This on a day when we were at our lowest in a long time…

Small acts of kindness mean so much…  What may seem to be an insignificant gesture, can touch the person who receives it in ways you’ll never imagine.

I thank those who have commented and sent words/thoughts/wishes of support while I’ve been blogging about my healing journey…  At different times they’ve given me hope, laughter and pause for thought… Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Small acts of kindness…

  1. that’s great cg~ about the kindness you received. though i’m very sorry to hear you’re struggling right now. i’m glad you have plans and things to do to take care of yourself.

    sending you peaceful thoughts~~

    • Hi Katie,

      Thanks 🙂 You wouldn’t believe the fear we experienced when opening the email, we were sure it was a negative email saying he’d never use the library again…

      Take care,

      • i’ve certainly felt that way a lot! absolutely sure that i’ve really upset someone, sure i’ll be rejected, and that was not at all accurate.

        is painful to go through such immense fear and self-doubt.

        take care you too~~~
        🙂 kt

  2. Funny how a small thing can be so cool.
    Glad you saw it and felt it.
    I dunno what happened w/your T. But I sorry you couldn’t work it out.
    I know of others, they went thru a few T’s until they found the right ‘fit’.
    Mines not the best fit, but she’s consistant, and thats a big thing.
    I found mine thru the ISSTD directory. Its a starting point anyways.
    Hope you doing ok.
    I gonna watch for good things too 🙂

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