Kaiteriteri Beach

When I was young, we sometimes went on holiday to Kaiteriteri Beach with a friend and her family…

Kaiteriteri Beach by vitch

Little Kaiteriteri Beach by Jonathanreid1

They were good times, filled with lazing in the Sun and playing in the waves. I’ll always remember Kaiteriteri as it was in the late 70’s and early 80’s… before it became too touristy and exclusively expensive.


8 thoughts on “Kaiteriteri Beach

    • It is beautiful Kerro… you should definitely include it on your places to see when you get over this way next ๐Ÿ™‚

      As an aside… I have no idea in the world why this entry was posted… Random, very random.

  1. Interesting you would post this in the midst of what you are going through. If I may be so bold as to give an opinion, I would say this is the hope shining through… Or trying to get out and give you a lift.

    • It’s because some of us want to go home – as in to our home town. Like you going to the church which held both good and bad memories, our home town does as well… Go home for what? A reclaiming? A healing journey? A final farewell?

      It’s not to see family, it’s to see places… We wouldn’t want to stay with the mother, we wouldn’t even care if she knew we were in town… But there is a real drive to go back there.

  2. You are always so supportive of me as I am starting my DID journey and offer the best advice and thoughts to keep going. I know you don’t understand why people would care, but I do. I care because you give a shit and you’re honest with yourself. I want you to be okay so I can be okay. That is a really selfish reason, but I don’t care, and I’m NOT trying to make you feel guilty. I want you to know how I feel, and what a difference you’ve made in my life in less than two months.

    So, you go and take very good care of castorgirl.



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