Expressive Arts Carnival: Internal world

The activity for this months Expressive Arts Carnival is to:

Use any visual means (e.g., drawing, painting, photography) to represent, in an abstract way, your experience of all or part of your internal world. The key to the activity is to focus on an abstract representation. The reason for this focus is that it helps us to describe our experiences in a way that is not so familiar to us.

First off, I’m not good with abstract thinking or art, let alone putting the two together; so this activity has proven to be a bit of a challenge.

Saying that, here are our  attempts to represent what our internal world looks like…

Internal World: Part I

Internal World I

This one was heavily influenced by M.  It’s a very structured view, and I think comes from her place of being a little apart from the rest of us.  I think it’s possibly more of an abstract system map, rather than a representation of our inner world.


Internal World: Part II

Well, our internal world according to Aimee and K (with help from Sophie)… They like the baby moose playing, and the mother moose always watching to make sure nothing will hurt them 🙂

I’m not sure if this is really a representation of our internal world for a majority of us, but I think it’s accurate for these two young ones… or how they’d like it to be???  They also love the clip, so wanted an excuse to put it on the blog…


Internal World: Part III


In the shadows, waiting.


Internal World: Part IV

Which leads to the final representation… the one that all of us agree to some extent represents our internal world, or a very important part of it…


Shadows…  The lower left corner represents areas which are in total darkness, while the upper right corner represents areas which are flooded with light. These two extremes are linked by varying degrees of shadow intensity.

This was an interesting exercise to do… Thank you Paul for providing the prompts.

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7 thoughts on “Expressive Arts Carnival: Internal world

  1. hi castor 🙂 thank you for sharing glimpses of your internal world. those are fascinating. and seem so varied. one seems to suggest clarity and structure, while another implies obscurity. and the moose are so sweet and innocent. very beautiful~

    wishing you well today and always! sending warm safe hugs~

    • Hi katie,

      It was an interesting exercise…

      M is an incredibly structured and rule driven, so it makes sense for her view to be quite clear and defined. She also has access to only part of the system, and is constrained in her movements internally, so she doesn’t see the “big picture” as such.

      The innocence of the moose is really sweet isn’t it? Aimee is very much like the first moose to come forward from the shrubs… always playing and looking for things to do. K is very much like the shy, second baby moose… first making sure that the protective mother found it to be safe before venturing forward…

      The final image is a photo we took over the weekend. It’s the one that “felt right” for the system. It is quite obscure, and deliberately so… in reality, we know so little about our internal world and why it exists.

      Take care and with (((warm safe hugs))),

    • Hi Paul,

      The first version of this post was a test run to see if I could post here again or not. This was the final version of what we were wanting to submit to the carnival.

      III is a photo of some red beads on white paper with an indirect light source. I’ll get the EXIF data tonight and add it. It represents how the ones in the shadows are seen, and also some of our nightmares.

      Take care,

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