I’m stuck… Stuck in a hellish limbo.  I’m derealised, dissociated and generally out of touch with reality.  Memories are flicking through my brain, stinging like needles.  I’m so out of touch.

This is the cause…


Stuck in a memory, and can’t get out.  No matter how much I try.  Half the problem is that the memory won’t form so I can work it through.  Just little fragments darting through my mind.

Want to run.  Want to hide.  Want to…?

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6 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. There must be something in the air in our part of the world because I feel exactly the same. I do remember back up therapist saying the triggers and flashbacks were worst when you couldn’t make sense of them. She was right. Please take care and stay safe.

    ((warm safe hugs))

    • I don’t know… I can’t really reach any of it. It always seems just out of reach. I’ve tried looking towards the memories and looking away, with no success.


  2. dear castor, i’m so sorry you are struggling right now.

    i hope things get better for you soon~ i’ll be thinking of you and sending peaceful wishes your way.

    safe warm hugs if you want any~~~

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