Weekend **Triggering**

No words…

Stitched together



14 thoughts on “Weekend **Triggering**

  1. Oh CG, that first pic is awful – in a triggery way, as a collage it’s very good. I’m so sorry you’ve had such a crapola weekend. Please take good care.

    ((warm safe ones)) if wanted.

  2. dear castor, these are very powerful pieces and evoke strong emotions in me just glancing at them. i imagine what the images evoke in me are only a tiny hint compared whatever is going on for you that these images represent.

    i hope you’re feeling ok~ wishing you peace today and always~~~

  3. And now, I came back for awhile. Just seems so wrong, CG. Not your art. The stuff you tell about. It’s just so wrong that it ever, ever was,ever was, at all.


  4. I’m sorry this is how you (and parts of you) feel. But very very glad you were/are able to get it out in pictures. Sending you the warmest possible wishes I can possibly send… (and safe hugs).

  5. Thank you all for kind thoughts and wishes… I’m not really in a place where I can comment much right now, but I really do appreciate your insights and care…

    Paul, thank you for the hugs… Means so much….

    Please take care,

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