Expressive Arts Carnival: Two Colours

The activity for this months Expressive Arts Carnival is to:

On a white or black background, choose two (and only two) colors and make a painting that represents where you have been mentally for the past week or so. Feel free to use digital (e.g., Photoshop, electronic painting program) or analog techniques (e.g., paint, watercolor, colored pencils, markers).

While I’ve produced quite a bit of art over the last week, not much of it is safe for a blog. As a result, I’m going to go back to a previous piece of work and submit that instead. This piece was originally published under Losing control, and is a representation of how we’ve felt over the last few weeks as well… scared, frightened, isolated, overwhelmed, hopeless and beyond help.


The Expressive Arts Carnival will be published on the 2oth of August, at Mind Parts: Expressive Arts Carnival. Please check it out, and consider submitting something by the due date of the 19th…

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19 thoughts on “Expressive Arts Carnival: Two Colours

    • Hi Kerro…

      Thanks, I spent the day trying to get back into debt to act as another safety mechanism… but failed. Yup, I failed at retail therapy *sigh*.

      Take care,

  1. Oooops… I realised I may have cheated a bit… does black and white count as the two colours???? Or was it meant to be a white or black background plus two other colours??

  2. This is remarkable because it speaks to me so deeply. It also helps put the last post into perspective. I can imagine how feeling like this would lead to what you did a couple weeks ago.

    • What’s so obvious for me, is that the figure is that of a little child (girl). A hurt, lonely, lost little girl. So hurt, that she can only lash out. So hurt, that she doesn’t know safe from unsafe. So hurt, that everything hurts… even positive love and understanding… especially love and understanding.

      Tonight has been a rough night for me. A great deal of inward reflection. I don’t know the way to release this girl from her prison. But I do know she’s relying on me to find a way.

      Thank you for your support and the Arts Carnival…
      Take care,

  3. hi castor, i’m glad to see you participating in the carnival. for finding a way to still reach out and to express how you feel. and i think it’s good you found a piece that you feel safe sharing. that seems very healthy. i wish i could help you find the way out. meanwhile, at least i can be one more friend sitting with you along your way. i hope things get better for you soon.

    offering warm safe hugs, if you want any~~~~

      • hi castor πŸ™‚ it’s always ok not to have words. i appreciate you responding at all. just to know you got my comment and that it was at all comforting to you means a lot. thanks.

        sending peaceful, caring thoughts your way~~~

          • Thank you, castor. I really appreciate you too. Your comment at my blog this week was really helpful to me. I’ve been feeling down and the things you said made a difference.

            Take care too and safe hugs if ok πŸ™‚

            • I was wondering how you were… I was going to contact you today if I hadn’t seen any activity on your blog πŸ™‚

              I’m glad to have helped in some way. But, sorry you’ve been feeling down. I know it’s natural to have ups and downs, but I hope the downs weren’t too far down.

              Take care and (((warm safe hugs)))

  4. thank you so much, castor. it hasn’t been too far down, but i’m trying not to say “i’m fine” anymore and actually allow myself to explore the negativity that’s really in there. it’s been draining and confusing at times. feeling overwhelmed and withdrawn a lot, but doing my best to practice self-comforting and asking for help and doing things that i think will help me feel better. so it feels more honest than “usual” though also a bit like uncovering layers under layers of things i’d been hiding and suppressing. so it’s been dow, but a good kind of down i think. as i’m actually dealing with things instead of avoiding.

    i really appreciate that you thought of me and were wondering how i was doing. that is so nice! πŸ™‚

    sending kind wishes and safe warm hugs your way~~

    • Hi katie,

      Saying “I’m fine” is a huge flag that things are anything but fine… So, I’m glad you’re able to explore the emotions and experience them safely.

      Eeeek a compliment… I’m really sorry, but I squirm around compliments. That’s not as an attempt to invalidate your opinion, but rather as an indication that I don’t have very good self-esteem.

      Take care and (((warm safe hugs))),

    • Hi katie,

      I’m honoured… thank you!! I have a fairly intense psychological assessment tomorrow, so I may not be able to respond this week, but I do want to respond…

      Take care πŸ™‚

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