The vault

Note: this entry is about the formation of The Basement. It happened years ago.
The bird in the collage doesn’t represent the guardian.
The bird is a representation of our abusers.

It began slowly, gradually
… the building of the vault.
A place inside
… for feelings so hurt.
Each abuse and cross word
… adding to it’s strength.

As the vault grew in size
… more bars were added.
Strong and true
… to contain the rage.

A guardian stood watch
… ensuring nothing escaped.

Shadows formed
… spreading fear and mythology.
Others whispered
… about beings dirty and naked.
Unable to talk
… only capable of destruction.

Deeper and deeper
… in the mind.
The guardian buried
… the vault.

But not so deep
… that those within couldn’t perform.

Critical mass was reached
… one Winters evening.
The vault exploded
… sending debris flying.
Those within were free
… to destroy.

In a rush of rage and memories
… they came forth.
Ready to spew vengeance
… on a body already abused.

Sticking with what they knew
… peace was sought.

The guardian stood by
… watching the destruction.
Knowing it would be
… for naught.
They weren’t yet organised
… he’d made sure of it.

The rage was exhausted
… as quickly as it had sparked.
No longer beasts
… once again children.

He welcomed them back
… into The Basement.

In The Basement, there is no place for childhood dreams and wishes.
That hope was destroyed years ago.
Dreams and wishes are for the good children, not for them. Not for us.


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15 thoughts on “The vault

  1. Wow! A beautifully written poem. Very powerful and insightful. How do you know all this? How do you understand how the creation occurred? (If it’s okay to ask).

    I’ve been out of the loop for a while – how are things going?


    • Hi Dawn,

      Thank you šŸ™‚ I know, because the guardian shared the story. He wrote most of it… So, it’s from the source of the creation, so to speak.

      Things are pretty rough at the moment, but we’re trying to concentrate on one moment at a time.

      We read the completion of your journey through The Process… very inspiring and brave. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

      Take care,

  2. Wow! This is so powerful. I’m not trying to repeat what others have said, but it’s true. I am so very sorry that you’re going through a rough time. When you’re in pain, I’m in pain too, so please know that I’m thinking about you and know that I care, we all care. I’m going to send you *Hope and Hugs*.

  3. I agree with everyone, “well done” – this is written with such insight into your pain. The vault made me sad just to look at it. I think it is a true representation for all of us.

    • Hi Ivory,

      It makes me sad when people identify with some of the things I’ve written or collaged. It means they’re hurting, or been hurt, too. Sometimes it’s comforting to know there are others out there, sometimes it feels like the world is full of pain.

      Take care,

      • That’s exactly what I thot – I understand how you feel and that there are too many of us who “know” what you mean, too much hurt. But it IS a bit comforting to know I’m not alone out here. It’s awesome when you can say so much about so many with just one picture.

  4. I think knowing how something so important to you came to be is such a big step in healing. We cannot heal if we do not know, and you continually show that you are open to knowing. There is so much imagery here. It’s so powerful. I am glad you shared it. Thank you.

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