System failure

At least it’s an upgrade on last year’s failure… I purchased a new computer a couple of months ago.Ā  Macs are awesomeness!

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20 thoughts on “System failure

  1. Hey That’s interesting take on an OS X error. Keep going I know you have the determination to do so. Don’t give up hope.

    Take care and maybe you can enable the Ask for help button.

    • Ahh, showing the true inner geek by recognising the OS šŸ™‚

      I tried to enable the Ask for help button, but got turned away. I was trying to establish some safety plans for the Christmas season, and they fell through today.

      One moment at a time…

      I hope the flatmates enjoyed U2 šŸ™‚

      Take care,

      • I did recognise it. I have seen a lot of OS X errors in my time. However you did say it was a Mac.

        Well keep trying. It may seem impossible, but it will work sometime.

        I see your safety plans fell through because someone said they seemed impossible. Are they really that impossible?

        One moment at a time is good.

        Well take care.

        • Yes, I did give it away with the mention of the computer upgrade, didn’t I?

          The safety plans were about organising respite care over the Christmas holidays. I always struggle at this time, and last year was particularly bad. The woman I contacted, was particularly pleasant, but said it was too late and I wasn’t a good candidate for what I was suggesting. So pretty much a fail-burger all around.

          I’ll just have to cope with the same things I had last year – the mother and crisis care.

          Take care,

          • Yep you did give it away. :p

            Well that is not nice. At least she was pleasant about it.

            If there is anything I (or the others here) can do to help out don’t be afraid to ask. The number of comments you get shows there are people who although in similar situations as yourself love to help out.

            BTW: It is good to see you still have your sense of humour.

            • Yes, she was pleasant… makes it so much more difficult to get angry with people when they’re particularly inoffensive – a trick I learned early on while working in the food service industry šŸ™‚

              I get amazing support here. But, I also know we each have our own problems. The main thing I get out of blogging is validation and acceptance. So when I read a comment or blog, it’s like another piece of support.

              I will always have some sense of humour… it may not necessarily be appropriate, but it will always be there.

              Have a great weekend…

  2. You’re too smart and still keeping your sense of humor, but seriously, are you going to be ok? Do you need me to fly down (up?) there and kick some butt for you? Don’t make me do it because I will šŸ™‚

    Really, are you ok?

    • The woman who told me that my Christmas plans were impossible, was actually really nice; so I don’t think kicking her butt would help anyone. but thank you for the offer šŸ™‚

      I’m trying to keep smiling, but yesterday was a big blow…

      Take care,

      • Well Shucks!

        I’ve been thwarted but I will be here for you as much as you need. I don’t do holidays period so I skip the whole mess but I understand why this time would be especially difficult. Just remember that even though the planning fell through, it sounds like (?) there’s still crisis care available. You won’t really be on your own if you need help. (This is assuming I understand how things work there) You’re still not alone we’re here for you and all your wonderful, protective parts šŸ™‚

        Hope what I said is ok.

  3. I’m so sorry things are this way. I’d like to see the Ask for Help button be the biggest one…. But I know you are having trouble getting help, and for that I’m sorry too.

    • Thanks Paul. You know how trying I can be šŸ™‚

      I was even assertive and asked the woman to suggest some alternatives. The ones she came up with, were the ones which pretty much failed last year.

      To top it off, some in the system are convinced our cat is about to die of old age. If she does, I know we won’t cope.

      Thanks for your support, I hope you’re feeling better soon.

      Take care,

  4. I love how Ask for help isn’t an option. I don’t mean I love that it isn’t an option for you in your life/situation right now. I don’t love that at all. I mean looking at this as a work of art, as creative expression, the fact that Ask for help isn’t enabled is powerful partly because it’s so subtle. As an artistic choice, I like it and can relate.

    As far as your life/situation goes, it’s no good that you don’t have the option of asking for help and I’m sorry that’s the way it is right now.

    • Thanks Holly… It’s suppressed because there is an illusion of assistance. But, the combination of my poor communication skills, and MHS’s poor funding and infrastructure, mean that help is really difficult to obtain.

      I have my mother coming in a month. That will either push me over the edge, or force me into dissociative coping.

      Take care,

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