Why do bad things happen?

There has been another major Earthquake in Christchurch.  This one has claimed lives.  The city is in ruins.

Why do bad things happen?

I don’t understand.

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20 thoughts on “Why do bad things happen?

    • Hi tai,

      Christchurch is in the South Island, and I’m in the North Island, so far away from it all. But 65 people are confirmed dead and another 200 missing. I’ve heard through FaceBook from the people I know there, so that is good.

      I don’t know why, but this has thrown me. Possibly because it’s more people being hurt for no apparent reason.

      I feel so drained and I’ve had enough of all this loss and pain. I can’t remember what anything good looks like.

      Take care,

      • I’m glad that the people you know there are ok.
        I think it’s normal for things like this to throw us especially if we’re empathetic people. You easily empathize with others, one of your amazing qualities, and it makes you feel pain for others easily. I would actually worry about someone who could read about people dying in a tragedy and not feel *something*. Can you go outdoors and take some pictures? Do something calming and maybe take a break from the news?

  1. I really dont know CG, I have asked this question so many times and have yet to understand.

    Hang in there – while there is a lot of bad there are so many good things too

  2. I’ve just seen the pictures in the news. It’s so terrible. All this death and destruction 😦
    I hope there’s enough help to support the people and for the search of the missing.
    I’m so relieved you’re safe.
    Take care,

      • Thank you thesamesky. This world is so scary, and I’m not sitting within it very well at the moment. Yet here I am at work, playing nice and trying not to break down in front of others.

        There really is no safety or certainty in this world. Or, if there is, I don’t see it.

        Take care,

    • Thanks Ivory. I’m far away from the devastation. But because it’s such a small country, and Christchurch is a University city, lots of staff at work have family and friends there.

      Take care,

  3. I thought of you last night CG, when I was watching the late news here in the states.

    Glad to hear that you are o.k. And my heart goes out to NZ, especially the residents of Christchurch.

    Down Under has had some rough years with nature.

    As far as your question…I’ve quit asking. It just…is. I know, not much comfort in that. I’ve learned to honor grief in the process.

    (((Big hugs)))

    • Thank you Carol.

      I know there is no answer. I’m not sure how that sits for me, I don’t suppose it sits well, as I’m really struggling with the randomness of it all.

      Please take care of yourself,

  4. Hey just take care of yourself. I think everyone has said what I would probably say.
    This has come at a bad time, but most people have survived and we have heaps of people down there searching for survivors and looking after everyone.

    I’m sure there are a lot of good things to come out of this as well as the bad and it is great to see everyone giving their support. We currently have Singaporean soldiers and rescue crews from Australia, Japan, Singapore, America and possibly Taiwan as well as the usual support organisations like Red Cross in Christchurch.

    They are all in good hands so do the most important thing of all and look after yourself.

    • There is no doubt that this will have a long term impact on the city and it’s people. Cantabrians are incredible people.

      I know I made this post with the earthquake as the focus, but it’s just the last straw in a series of events.

      I’ll be ok, I always am.

      Take care,

      • No doubt it will, it will have an effect on the whole country but we will pull through.

        I figured that was the case, it is an easy event to focus on.

        “I’ll be ok, I always am.” That is a great attitude to hold.

        Take care.

  5. I wish I had an answer for why. Sometimes I wonder if there is an answer at all, and if there is, if I ever have any hope of finding it. I am glad that you are safe. Bright blessings to everyone in your city.

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