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4 thoughts on “thoughts

  1. I was going to comment on the set on Polyvore but I’ll just say here that I’m sorry this time of year is so hard for you. This is going to sound really stupid because certain times of year escape me but, is it a Father’s Day thing or did miss something? I’m sorry, different times of year mean different things to different peopele. Sorry if I made it worse by not getting the reference.

    • We don’t have Father’s Day until September over here… we’re behind with everything 🙂

      I’m at overload because I’m heavily involved with a project at work which has been a disaster from start to finish, the fall out from the trip to see my mother, and a variety of other issues. It’s all adding up to cause the disconnect.

      You didn’t miss anything tai, I haven’t talked about many of the stressors I’ve been under here. I haven’t talked about much anywhere.

      Take care,

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