It's snowing in the capital!

A cold snap has hit New Zealand. Places which haven’t had snow in decades, have had more than a dusting! Here’s one of the best videos I’ve seen of the event… it shows the good stuff… the wonder of seeing something so unique happen.

Snow on Cuba Mall in central Wellington (HD) from Ro Tierney on Vimeo.

Love the little girl jumping in her red coat šŸ™‚

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16 thoughts on “It's snowing in the capital!

  1. Awwww, that’s beautiful, thanks for sharing it šŸ™‚ Love the look on people’s faces.

    We got snow here winter before last for the first time in decades too, was very exciting.

    Keep yourselves warm!


    • Hi Bay,

      I live in about the only city in the country that hasn’t had any snow… very disappointing! We’ve had frosts and heavy rain, but no snow. I just loved the clip šŸ™‚ When I lived in Wellington, Cuba Mall was one of my favourite places to wander.

      Take care,

  2. I love the video. I live outside of Buffalo, NY, so we get plenty of snow in the winter. It is cool to see people that don’t usually get snow embracing it and enjoying it. šŸ™‚ How awesome to be in New Zealand. It looks like such a beautiful place. šŸ™‚

    • Hi Sandy,

      I know the amount of snow we’re getting is pretty laughable to those in the Northern Hemisphere, but for us, it’s unique šŸ™‚

      New Zealand, like any country, has it’s good and bad bits, but overall, it is a beautiful place to be.

      Take care,

  3. It even snowed in Petone. It is freezing cold down here and the Southerly is making itself known, but we have (had?) snow!!

    • Wow, that close to sea level! I just saw the photo on Stuff of Days Bay… amazing. There was another one yesterday of a dog on New Brighton Beach, considering all that Christchurch has been through, you’d think they’d catch a break soon!

      Please take care out there…
      Keep as dry, safe and warm as you can.

  4. There’s something magical about snow. It can bring out the inner child in even the most grown up people. It was nice for my husband and I to watch that. We loved our trip to NZ earlier this year when it was warm and sunny and it’s funny to think now that you are having your winter when we are now in our second summer of the year back home.
    Thanks for posting that video.

    • Hi Candycan,

      I’m glad you liked the clip too šŸ™‚

      There are few New Zealand cities prepared for snow… we just don’t get it – I heard that it was 89 years ago that it last snowed in Palmerston North! So this has brought some parts of the country to a grinding halt.

      I’m really glad you enjoyed your trip here šŸ™‚

      Take care,

  5. Wow! That video was lovely CG, thanks so much for putting it up!

    I get snow where I live every winter and we all take it for granted and get annoyed with it, but it was really special for me to see other people enjoying it so much. It kind of changed my perspective and it makes me very happy that you found something beautiful to enjoy.

    • Hi tai,

      Parts of the South Island, and central North Island, get snow every year, but rarely do any of the other areas of New Zealand; so this is unique for us. There wasn’t any where I live, but it was so odd to see videos of places where I use to live getting snow šŸ™‚

      Take care,

  6. Wow! Thanks for sharing! They have talked about the snow in New Zealand on the news here, but I love seeing the pure joy, delight, and amazement on the faces of both children and adults in this video clip!

    Made me smile today!

  7. I forgot that it’s winter time in your area. Enjoy the weather. Snow storms are when I feel most connected to the voices within and the world without. Particularly when we get the rare lightning storm to go with the snow. We haven’t had one of those for a couple of years now though.

    • Hi Storm Dweller,

      We didn’t get any snow where I live, just the heavy rain and Southery blasts of wind. But, it was good to see on the news people out making snow sculptures and angels in the snow.

      I often find release and calm in storms. Like it’s reflecting the internal chaos. I’m glad you find some peace or communication at times too.

      Take care,

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