Expressive Arts Carnival: Core belief

The theme for this months Expressive Arts Carnival, is:

Using only a regular pencil (not colored), make a simple shape on the page that represents a core belief that holds you back. Then draw (using the same pencil) around the first shape to represent support for change of that core belief.

I went into this months carnival unsure of what was going to happen.  Connections have not been my strong suit lately – either internally, or externally; and this exercise really needs those connections.

It’s possibly for this reason, that I ended up with two separate versions of what my drawing means…

  1. The square in the centre represents the square peg that I feel like… I’ve never quite fitted in, and feel quite separate from the rest of society – like a square peg in a round hole.  The triangle doodles in one section of the square, are very similar to ones that I did while in high school.  I’m not really sure what that, or the other sections mean, but they were important to add.  The surrounding squiggle represents that I can fit in, and can move towards being less rigid in my thinking and behaviour.
  2. The square represents my internal structure.  That structure is rigid and unyielding.  The surrounding squiggle is the barbed wire that is going to keep everything, and everyone, out.

Quite different interpretations, aren’t they…  When I was drawing the square, it felt more like the first interpretation was true; but, by the end of it, the second felt more accurate.  The first fits with this months Arts Carnival, but the second doesn’t.

It’s been some time since I’ve done any art, so I wonder what part that played in the conflict regarding the design and interpretation.  It’s possibly a sign that I need to get back to Art on a regular basis…
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12 thoughts on “Expressive Arts Carnival: Core belief

  1. Hi CG,

    Thanks for sharing your artwork! It is intriguing to look at, absorb and try to make sense of graphically or symbolically. I do like your flexibility in seeing it in a couple of different ways, and I think that struggle to see the different sides of things, the different possible representations, is a good struggle.

    Your artwork is mysterious and evocative! The square in the center certainly has lots of interesting elements to it … I guess intuitively that there is symbolism, and the order of the graphic elements suggests to me a lot going on there in the center, and a lot of richness underneath those structures. If the outer structure is indeed barbed wire, one of my thoughts was that yes, barbed wire does deter people and things from coming in. However, it is one of the most protective of devices installed on the exterior of structures which contain elements of value, elements to be protected, as well. I would much rather see protection, than no protection. Protection can result in degrees of safety. Seen in such a way, it may represent aspects of health … an ability to protect oneself, to protect both ones vulnerabilities and one’s “gold”.

    Thanks again … it’s fun to venture out of language and into the visual and symbolic sometimes! 🙂


    • Hi Michael,

      Often when I do any art, I quickly turn away from it… I find it difficult to look at, especially these more symbolic pieces. I know that part of that is because of my insecurities, and partly because I don’t want to read too much into anything, and see something I don’t want to. That’s part of the reason why I participate in the Carnival, to encourage reflection.

      So that the barbed wire is at the top of a 20 ft concrete wall, isn’t an issue? 🙂

      I see what you mean about maintaining some form of protection (boundary). I hadn’t thought of it like that – mainly because the thought of allowing anyone close is too scary. But it makes sense, and helps to ease those fears of being left too vulnerable by healing.

      Thanks and take care,

  2. Nice work, CG. I forgot all about the Carnival. Interesting the triangles. I tended to draw cubes.

    Strange now that I’m thinking about it. I drew cubes after one of the most traumatic incidents I’ve experienced in recent years. It happened while being involuntarily held in the hospital.

    A series of really stupid policies sent me over the edge. I suffered some sort of panic attack of epic proportions and dissociated quite severely for me. I was sent into the room I feared going into and sat at a table. Shaking uncontrollably I grabbed pencil and paper and drew cubes. Hate thinking of that…

    But, it’s interesting the shapes -triangles, cubes… what does it mean? Anything?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi rl,

      I’m so sorry for what you went through, and so glad that you were able to make your way through it.

      I’m not sure what the shapes mean… could be a distraction; a repetitive action that soothes; not sure…

      I don’t think its too late to submit something, if you want to. This didn’t take me long, and was worth it.

      Take care,

  3. I think both drawings are valid and helpful to study. At least being aware of those two points of view can be good.

    I haven’t been able to make a collage on Polyvore for ages and I miss it but there’s a block there that I can’t get over. I’m hoping for you that you can get back to art as well.

    • Thanks CI 🙂

      I hope you can get back to different forms of art again… it really seemed to help you when you could express yourself, and work things through in that way.

      Take care of yourself,

  4. I apologize for not commenting sooner. I thought I had. My reaction to this was that there is a huge amount of information. That to do this required a huge amount of internal trust.

  5. Of course there is information. Look at all the structure and all the detail within the structure. What is surrounding it all? I see many different ways to think about it. One way is that it’s “anxiety”. Or: like a barbed wire protection, or like an electric energy.

    • Sorry, I know there is information there. I don’t trust that I know what it is.

      Today I look at it and see the contents of the box as a corridor that goes on forever, and the surrounding squiggle being barbed wire.

      Meanings change.

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