I grew up in a brown house, on the corner of a middle-class street, in a conservative town.  The only things missing, were the white picket fence, a dog, and safety.  It’s amazing what a lack of safety can do to a child.  My life became like the scattered pieces of a puzzle.  I’m now trying to put the pieces back together.

I’m more than just a survivor of abuse.  I’m also a daughter, sister, librarian, and wanna be photographer.

I’m just me… sometimes that means I’m seriously mixed up; sometimes that means I’m able to see the beauty around me; sometimes that means that I’m ticking along… sort of makes me like most people, doesn’t it?  We all have challenges in our lives; some of mine happen to have psychiatric labels.

You can find me on the different social networking sites to the right (see the pretty icons).  You can also contact me by email, but please be aware that I am a mental health client – not a mental health professional, or advocate.



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